Hisham Tabet

Sink or Swim in the Automotive Industry

Another one bites the dust…

“He who rejects change is the architect of decay.  The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.” – Harold Wilson

We are living in a time that does not forgive – a time that moves quickly and has no patience whatsoever to wait around for those who are still walking to catch the train. The times we live in are undoubtedly tough and may be a bit harsh on some. This is not to be confused with, what we think is, life’s endless unfair games that our souls go through and our bodies suffer. We are the masters of our future, of our fate. We are the sole commanders of our ship, we either conquer what we set our vision to or we simply blend in with the rest and hope that the waves, will someday, wash us into the shores that we have been hoping to reach.

My blog is not about applying life’s valuable lessons daily, but it is about managing our lives wisely. With an extra dash of dedication, focus, creativity, and vision. It is about standing out from the rest, building our own path, climbing our separate mountains, to independently reach the goals we have set for ourselves. The title of this post is about ‘stubborn’ business owners and managers – the people who believe times are not changing. The ones who are convinced that social media for instance, can only harm rather than do good for the future of a small business. This is without a doubt a strategy to bite the dust.

From a first hand experience, to the numerous closely and deeply involved cases – I can share one thing. That is, standing still will lead to nowhere. Hence my swimming campaign – be faithful to your business, give it back what it deserves and treat it with respect. For you to successfully take it to the next level you have to face the fear of moving forward. Yes – do not misunderstand me, swimming into dark and unknown areas may be full of sharks, perhaps even filled with mines. Fortunately, as with everything in this world – there are right and awfully wrong ways to conduct a strong and boldly managed campaign in order to successfully overcome, what seems from the beginning, a dangerous route to venture into.

Let these thoughts sit through your minds, mingle with your inner selves and most importantly, allow this be a solid stepping ground for the live and specific examples that will be showcased in my blog soon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

More to come,

Hisham Tabet.

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