Hisham Tabet

Sink or Swim in the Automotive Industry

Perception is Reality

The truth of the matter is; emotions enter our eyes first, then our ears and then the rest of our senses. When consumers browse through thousands of cars looking for the one that will jump in and attract their undivided attention, even if they were not in the market for a gas guzzler for example, they will still click on that image as long as it has won their emotions over. It is human nature, curiosity runs through our eyes, into our blood.

So what is the ultimate selling technique? Is it all the blah-blah-blah that sales people enjoy pressuring customers with? Absolutely not. A successful sales person does not try to lure car buyers with attractive monthly payments and other empty promises. Instead, a salesperson should be able to treat his inventory like he is the proud owner of each and every vehicle on the lot. All of the specifications from maintenance tips to drive train knowledge should be acquired and researched prior to speaking with a potential buyer.
Why do we say perception is reality? This is the exact reason – your presentation on the social web, as in your cars’ display should look phenomenal. Nothing short of perfect. Every angle is covered, every option, even all of the flaws should be presented in a professional manner. Your online transparency is the first step to winning the emotion and trust of potential car buyers.

What will set you apart in this field is a set of tools, beginning from the online presence to your staff training and management. It takes dedication, focus, drive and some serious competitiveness. The yielding results will be forever reaped, the bar will be set pretty high for any competitor to try and play the catch up game. If you are serious about business longevity, it is not too late to start from right now.
Sink or swim – the decision is yours.


Image credit; MMS from a friend.


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One thought on “Perception is Reality

  1. Marla on said:

    What a true point! You’re completely right, the first impression is the one that always counts.

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