Hisham Tabet

Sink or Swim in the Automotive Industry

Have you had enough?

People just don’t learn sometimes. It is rather annoying when you find yourself talking to the same pale walls on the job daily. Your staff is your backbone support and if you cannot manage it correctly then it is your own fault for wasting your time on them. Sometimes you will find low energy levels at work, other times you will be shocked with the over achievements made by your team. In order to keep that high energy flowing, you will definitely need to push for initiatives and milestones to reach within the week or the month.

The same way you can put the internet to use for your business, the same concept is how well the web facilitates the process of finding new replacements for a staff refresher. Your team is your single most important weapon to turn your investment into real profit. By ensuring the effectiveness and determination of your workers, you can rest assured that the inventory you hold will be sold before you even know it. Of course, granted you have been following my tips and suggestions on how to market your vehicles and where. The possibilities are endless on the internet, it is a platform with no limits, truly a turn-key opportunity for your business to survive and excel at selling various inventory. What is the worth of each employee you have? What is his true value for your company? I am not talking about how well he closes a customer, I am talking about what his job really is when there is no traffic coming in? Your business needs “go-getters” – if your staff is not researching market prices, reviewing competitors and their inventories on a daily basis. Then, my friend, you have a major problem. Your staff is now overpaid and under-worked.

The arrogance of the old days, where you owned the street, no longer applies. Now it is all about who owns the west, the east and central. The world wide web has made almost every business grow exponentially, are you ready to keep up or have you had enough?


Image credit; funny random pictures.


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