Hisham Tabet

Sink or Swim in the Automotive Industry

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly…

Do you have any idea how much of an impact online reviews can leave on your business? Roughly about 80% of online consumers report that the internet is their go-to before they physically take the trip down and purchase a big ticket item. Think about it. When was the last time you were skeptical about that LED TV you have always wanted? You will never fall into the pressure of the salesperson, and would much rather review the product thoroughly on the Web before making the purchase.

Classifying your inventory into the right demographics of your area gives you an edge over your competition. The variety of vehicles that you will be catering gives you a better Return-on-Investment on your social media platform – people will recognize your brand, your diversity, and in return you will have a bigger chance at witnessing discussions about your cars. The power of a bad review has ripple effects, consumers excel at speaking out loud and having their emotions and feelings heard online. When the next potential customer comes along to purchase a vehicle from your lot, well yes, you have guessed it. They will not trust you, they will not choose you.

When a review is posted, it is going to stay there, the internet is not closing tomorrow. Comment cards, angry post mail letters are things of the past. The consumer voice has gotten louder because of the internet, everyone is a publisher now. This is the true weakness of businesses, how could you afford to give out a bad experience to a customer? The domino effect will soon catch on and before you know it you have found yourself buried under a sea of  trouble.

There is a clear correlation between negative reviews received online and a lower profit margin for that specific quarter. Businesses will be shooting themselves in the foot by not paying careful attention to their online reputation. Do not let yourself become prone to a shot of self inflicted pain.

Image Credit; Review Trackers.


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