Hisham Tabet

Sink or Swim in the Automotive Industry

About ME

As a current International Business and Management major at the University of Nevada, Reno I enjoy staying up-to-date on technology news. I find my passion in helping businesses grow their presence on the World Wide Web, boosting and setting new horizons for how far a business can be involved; all of this to ensure and guarantee its longevity in the market.

My blog targets contemporary issues facing businesses all around the world today. Technology could be one of the most dangerous allies to have while running a business. Fortunately, we are living in fast-paced times that allows us to put Technology into full use to yield a bold edge on the competitors in the industry. If used correctly, of course.

Sink or Swim – the time to succeed is now, if you are standing still then most likely you will be sinking soon. Don’t let this media enhanced world eat away from your business. Let a professional and dedicated person like myself rescue the future of your bread and butter buying business.

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