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Do you feel overwhelmed?

Social Media Sickness

Every now and then, with the pressure of this technologically driven world, we feel a tighter choke as we become overwhelmed with the amount of information surrounding us. You have already signed up for these challenges, correct? You vowed that your business will survive despite all struggles, and as a commander of your future you will not give up in the search for the newest and latest tools that could really save the moment.

How about we take a new approach and help you present your inventory in a way that stands out from the rest. This is all happening meanwhile your social arsenal is fighting the Google algorithm and making a dent in the first search page, locally, for now, hopefully. To give it that extra boost it is indefinitely going to need the help of your inventory manager. The main task is now to research the car(s) being posted and include a comprehensive description of the actual condition of the car and also its specifications. Do not throw out sale pitches, do not mention any silly terms like ‘in MINT condition‘, ‘looks like a dime’, ‘perfect running  & cosmetic shape’ etc… Instead, try to focus on what consumers are really looking for; ‘great gas mileage’ , ‘powerful towing capabilities in this 4×4′, ‘great commuter/daily driver used car’, ‘low maintenance fees, easy to upkeep‘ and so forth.

We have to hint back to our previous blog post (So you want to jump on the bandwagon, too?) Where we mention that the first impression is what puts things into perspective and attracts or drives away potential car buyers. When a car is posted on the inventory online, whether you like it or not, it is being pulled (or scrapped) into other advertising websites. For various reasons, mainly traffic and views incentives but we shall not get into that off-topic right now. The point that needs to come across is this: Each and every big ticket posted online to the inventory needs to look phenomenal – from the description, to the business information, and most importantly, most importantly, most importantly (Did I stress that enough?), the pictures.

You see, the pictures constitute for about 90 percent of the buying decision. The 10 percent left is the will to take the drive down and see the car in person. This is how customers are attracted. It is all about show – moderate show. If you succeed at keeping things balanced among your team members, then you my friend are on route to building an untouchable empire.

Image Credit; New Web.

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