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Your enemy is your best competition

Throughout your business experience, have you ever had that deep, ugly feeling of jealousy? We all start from somewhere – whether it be the tippy top or if you are an average person then you get to start from scratch. Let’s be honest. What matters is that each and every one of us despite our personalities and values will always have that nature-like vein of jealousy running through us. Not to be confused with hatred, but to be put in the same category as the main reason to build yourself an ‘enemy’ is probably the true outcome of a jealous circumstance.

Whatever the reason may be for your jealousy, and I do not care if you are willing to admit it or not, they say there are always positives to every negatives; well whoever said that turns out to be correct. Your so called enemy inspires you. Your portrayed ‘enemy’ gives you incentives. You may not analyze this directly. But, all of a sudden, you are absolutely determined to crush the competition. You may deprived of sleep at night, unfocused during the days, feeling in a daze whenever your enemy’s brand is mentioned, so on and so forth. You are not alone, angry business owner. The trick to this is using it to your full advantage – let that so called enemy drive you stronger and forward. Do not accept any competition, instead tailor your services and business to be rated at least a few notches on top of the enemy’s. So the next time you hear the competitor’s name, you will simply wear that sarcastic grin of yours so confidently, knowing that you have pushed yourself and brought your business into a safe and robust position.

In the car business, owning a car dealership specifically, allows you to push the envelope as far and wide as your heart desires. There are no limits, the bar can be set by you and your workaholic staff as high as possibly needed to confidently lay your dark shadows on the competition.

Here is a motivational line for when you find yourself angry at the office and desperately seeking inspiration and drive;

“Do not tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the mean” – Dorothy Parker


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