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The Wild Assumptions

How do you figure out if your staff’s hard work is yielding meaningful results? In the car business it is each man for his own, the effort of one sales person vanishes in a matter of minutes if the potential customer decides to walk away. So what technique can be used to successfully create a fortress of a business that capitalizes on every potential opportunity for a sale?

The wild ones will tell you repeatedly; pressure, pressure, pressure, and some more pressure. Please do not be just another dealer. You want to stand out from the rest don’t you? So how about you take initiative and set yourself apart from the rest of the herd. In a such a competitive atmosphere you and your employees have to be professional and on point every day. It is your staff’s responsibility to make the customers feel at home, whether it is a simple phone conversation or a one-on-one test drive. The impression that needs to be given to prospective buyer is an inviting one, and not a persuading, full of stress conversation. There are always room to learn and adjust, your customer for the old Ford truck is going to respond differently to a sales pitch than for the one interested in the shiny Mercedes-Benz sitting on your lot. Our world has become overly filled with variety – a diversity of people and of the products they are seeking, Your job is to adjust and learn to adopt to the sometimes crazy curve that your potential buyers present you with. Do not underestimate your customers, do not disrespect and cut short a conversation. You will be surprised by how much of a curve ball each interested buyer is going to throw at you.

The most important lesson to learn here is patience, patience with your staff and with your customers. Adapting to the new changing atmosphere could take you a while, but at the end it is all for your own good. “Patience is the greatest of all virtues” – Cato the Elder

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