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What Exactly Differentiates You?

We all know this, your car dealership business has too many competitors to list. Sometimes you may feel a bit “choked-up” or you may have an overwhelmed feeling take over you. Then you lose sleep, stress takes over your daily life, and well – I am sure you know the rest of this story. My blog is not about how you are going to mentally and physically overtake your business’ stress. I am here to open your eyes on the endless possibilities that you could be pursuing, all while bringing a new breath of life into your dealership.

You are not limited to your local community – remember that. There is a whole world out there that might be struggling to find the cars you have on your inventory. The untapped demographics are waiting for your creativity and smart research to be targeted correctly towards the consumers you are seeking to sell your vehicles to. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the advertised price fits the market you are targeting. For instance; if you are trying to sell your bright yellow Corvette in Reno, NV most likely you will have a hard time selling it than you would in Las Vegas. After you research the Vegas market for the similar vehicle (approximately the same mileage on the ‘Vette, similar color, year and engine size) you might be surprised at times where the value for a certain vehicle is higher than of the one in your local community. Thus, not only giving you an advantage on your competitors to sell the Corvette faster, but also giving you a bit of a cushion room to adjust your price accordingly to fit the market in Vegas. Same example for that big lifted truck you have, Texas called – they have been waiting to proudly own it, so on and so forth.

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